Fence Support

If you’re an Invisible Fence® owner and are in need of troubleshooting or maintenance, we’re here to help. Though we’re not associated with Invisible Fence®, we provide independent support with higher quality service for less. We can also provide independent support for all other underground electronic dog fencing systems, including PetSafe®, DogWatch®, DogGuard® and Innotek® systems.

Fence Service & Repairs

Our services include repairing wire breaks, performing general maintenance, dog fence training, and providing troubleshooting services – all to make sure that no matter what pet containment system you’re using, your pet remains safely contained and happy.

If your fence system needs service or repair, don’t hesitate to contact Pet hidden fence today.

Our Upgrade & Swap-Out Program

If you’re a current owner of an Invisible Fence® or other brand of dog containment system, you’ll be happy to hear that you can upgrade to a premium Pet Stop system at reduced price when you swap out your existing system. Inquire now!

Need Help with Your System?

Check out our Pet Stop Owners guide that shows you everything you need to know from our trusted app.